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Water Safety and Cleaning

It is the legal responsibility of building management to ensure water on premises is safe for customers, visitors and staff. This includes drinking water as well as water for showers, baths, toilets, sinks, swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

The Water Authority’s responsibility for water ends at the stopcock. Thereafter, it is the building management who is responsible for all aspects of water risks. The risk of water contamination and the threat of legionella are very real and it is essential that building managers ensure every measure has been taken to protect public safety

Water tank and pipe treatment

Our water tank treatments will prevent Legionella and designed to prevent scale, corrosion, abrasion and contamination. Macdet will clean and protect water tanks as well as pipes to ensure the overall hygiene of your water supply.

Showerhead cleaning

Showerheads act as filters trapping debris and scale, which can cause a build up of bacteria. Cleaning and disinfecting showerheads on a regular basis removes both the bacteria and their habitat and minimises the risk of any legionella bacteria, which may be present in the stagnant water.

The HSE (L8) Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (Legionnaires' disease - The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems), quarterly cleaning of showerheads should take place as part of any effective management system.

Macdet can carry out Risk Assessment and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessment prior to cleaning the showerheads

Mould and mildew removal

Excess moisture and insufficient ventilation can cause the build up of mould and mildew. This can be both unsightly and cause unpleasant odours if untreated. Macdet professionals have years of experience and use advanced quick drying and dehumidification techniques to remove water from carpets, floors and walls. Our service is aimed to minimise disruption and have rooms and areas operational as quickly as possible.

Legionella testing

Macdet undertake Legionella Risk Assessments based on The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes (L8). Working in conjunction with The School of Life Sciences and Glasgow University.

Macdet will assess, report, implement and maintain the most appropriate action plan in accordance with Health and Safety and compliance with water quality regulations.

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