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Public Areas Cleaning

Strip, seal and polish

As part of our ongoing contracts, we have accumulated many years experience in commercial floor and carpet cleaning. Whether its hard wood, marble, slate, ceramic, natural stone or limestone, we have the knowledge and expertise to completely restore your floors to an exceptional finish

Paving and decking clean

As well as being unsightly when not regularly cleaned, poorly maintained paving and decking in public areas is also a source of frequent accidents. These accidents are frequent in wet conditions and can be easily avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Paving and decking look fantastic when installed, but will need continual cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking great, especially in well trafficked areas. Macdet uses water pressure cleaning equipment to eradicate stains, weeds, algae, moss, dust and dirt to keep your public areas in pristine condition.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti creates a bad impression for customers and staff alike and will reduce the value of buildings. Macdet uses high-pressure water-cleaning equipment to remove graffiti from any type of surface without damage to the building.

Graffiti protection

We understand it’s not always possible to deter graffiti vandals, and we have a coating solution that will allow the easy removal of paint with a hot pressure wash. The protective coating is applied by brush or spray and will also prevent corrosion, discolouration and protect against bird dropping, stickers, chewing gum and traffic dust.

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