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Carpet Cleaning

Over 80% of online hotel reviews rate cleanliness as a top priority.

Our NATIONAL carpet and fabric deep cleaning service creates the positive customer impressions and reviews that help hotels, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and more, grow and sustain their business.

What we do

  • We clean old, dirty, stained and unsalvageable looking carpets back to their original colour
  • We bring back the original pile to carpets which have been ground down over the years by footfall and spilled drinks
  • We create inviting seating, where before customers had avoided due to disgusting stains
  • And all dodgy smells are obliterated during the cleaning process


  • Dry and useable after only 30 minutes
  • Guaranteed no shrinkage, stretching or splitting
  • carpet lifespan prolonged
  • Leaves no residue
  • Environmentally friendly - carpets left in pH neutral condition
  • Chemicals conform to British Safety Standard BS EN 1040

Quick Turnaround

Rooms useable within 4 hours. Other companies and techniques can mean rooms are unusable for 24 hours.

Communal Areas

We buff, scrape, polish and clean all tiles, wood or carpet floor coverings with the minimum amount of disruptions to clients.

Out of Hours

When our clients are closed for business, we get to work. We always work to times that suit our clients.


The perfect amalgamation of our Fabric and Carpet cleans and can include our Kitchen Deep Cleans.

It doesn't take long for furniture, carpets, curtains, bar areas and fittings to look worn, tired and unappealing. The Macdet Back2New service can achieve the "new look" by utilising our years of deep cleaning expertise.

The Back2New service is an ideal starting point and benchmark for clients who want to start using Macdet on a regular basis. Or, simply on an adhoc basis to save the financial burden of a refurbishment.


After a Back2New service, a hotel guest, who had been for dinner the evening before, asked the manager at breakfast how they managed to refurbish the restaurant overnight. That’s how Macdet creates positive impressions.

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