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Kitchen Equipment Cleaning


No matter how effective daily, weekly or monthly cleaning routines are, there will be a progressive accumulation of soil, particularly grease on less accessible surfaces such as canopies, ducts, light fittings, floors, walls behind equipment and ceilings.

This build up of grease, dirt and soil is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria causing obvious health issues and a risk of fire.

Macdet Solution

A professional Deep Clean will reduce risks to health and of fire, prolong the life of equipment and demonstrate a commitment to staff and customers of a safe and clean working environment.

Macdet will Deep Clean the following elements to the highest standard:

  • The Canopy and Filters
  • The Kitchen Equipment
  • Fabric: Floors, Walls and Ceilings (including high level)

Macdet Staff

All Macdet staff are highly trained in both cleaning methods and in the handling of industrial chemicals, which are used in the cleaning process


The removal of this accumulated grease and dirt required deep cleaning and should be undertaken at three or six-monthly intervals.

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Prior to undertaking any cleaning work, Macdet provide a free written quotation and survey assessment

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