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Carpet Cleaning


Dirty carpets create a negative impression on customers, visitors and staff. No matter how often the carpets are vacuumed and brushed, dirty and ingrained stains are inevitable. When stains look so bad, carpets tend to be replaced well before they need to be.

Macdet Solution

Macdet are the leading experts in carpet cleaning and protection, which prolong the carpet life.

The Macdet system does not use the conventional 'hot water extraction' system, but an exothermic chemical reaction which produces superior results to those normally associated with 'wet' cleaning. The system is suitable for all types of carpets normally installed in 'high traffic' commercial operations, including hotels, offices, retail outlets, leisure facilities, restaurants and nursing homes, to name but a few.

Macdet operatives clean, disinfect and apply anti static coating to the carpet. The disinfectant used in the process kills bacteria on contact, thereby reducing odours and improving air quality.

Macdet customers have found their carpets life prolonged and stay cleaner for longer after being cleaned a few times with the macdet system.


  • Dry and useable after only 30 minutes
  • Guaranteed no shrinkage, stretching or splitting
  • Leaves no residue
  • Environmentally friendly - carpets left in pH neutral condition
  • Chemicals conform to British Safety Standard BS EN 1040

Macdet Staff

All Macdet staff are highly trained in both cleaning methods and in the handling of industrial chemicals, which are used in the cleaning process


The removal of this accumulated grease and dirt required deep cleaning and should be undertaken at three or six-monthly intervals.

Free Quote

Prior to undertaking any cleaning work, Macdet provide a free written quotation and survey assessment

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